Saturday, June 19, 2010

Miss Me?

Miss me?

I've been gone for SO long - and it completely wasn't planned. I even had drafts ready to go back from 2008. But, life is life and things happen and so I stopped blogging for a while (OK, well, 2 years =)

I'm back and I'll definitely be blogging at least once a week! Although, the pics are starting to be a lot less cute and the boys are all grown up!

BUT! I have news!!! Last year in March I got a puppy! Huge step for me, but I just knew it was the right time. So, I am now the proud mama to 3 cats... not kittens =( and a dog... no longer a puppy!

I'll blog all about it so you can get meet Harry, the whippet! And you get to see pics of the cats all grown up.

It's been so long but I'm happy I'm back.

Can't wait to check out everyone's blogs!