Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sleepy Days

When the kittens are awake, they are too fast to take pics of! When they're asleep, they're boring - but so cute! I will try to get some more pics taken in natural light tomorrow - but until then, here are a few of today... a lazy day.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Phuket, Thailand

And I couldn't resist incluidng a few of my vacation pics.

I'm Back!

I'm back and the boys are doing great! Ami did a wonderful job looking after them while I was gone and they have settled back in a flash! I even have been given a few snuggles and Starbuck has taken to coming up and snuggling in my neck followed by a few licks on my nose and a few nose rubs. Torrey fell asleep curled up in front of my face and both boys love falling asleep within a foot of where I am. Too cute. Anyway, here are the latest pics. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

My Favourites!

After taking loads of pictures I decided to choose my two favourites. And here they are! One of Starbuck and one of Torrey taken at 12 weeks. Enjoy!



P.S. For a better view of all pics, click on them!

Vacation Time!!!

Originally I was scheduled to have the kittens arrive on the 25th July '06, the day after I got back from my vacation to Phuket, Thailand. Anyway, Ami suggested that they come on the 10th instead and then she would keep them until I got back. So, I got them a full 2 weeks early! But the downside is that I have to leave my babies for 10 days just after they have arrived in Hong Kong. Although difficult for me, it'll be good for the kittens to be together (with their sister Isabella), and with Ami who is raising Isabella exactly the same as I am raising the boys (toilet training, food, attachment issues etc.).

So, I dropped them off tonight and will sign off for 10 days until I come back from Phuket and can pick up where we left off! Here are a few pics I like and thought I would leave it here until the 23rd July '06. Enjoy and I'll be back soon!

The boys helping me with my work!

Mean looking Torrey. He doesn't look a thing like this pic in real life!

Torrey chilling out!

Starbuck relaxing...

Torrey relaxing in the cat pyramid.

Friday, July 14, 2006

And Torrey...

This is Torrey sleeping in the cat tree yesterday.

This is of Torrey waking up the same time as the ones of Starbuck below.
He woke up much quicker than Starbuck!

Good Morning!

I got back from work today and they were fast asleep in their room - so fast asleep that they didn't wake up even after opening the door twice, grabbing my camera and shooing Sebastian away. Infact, Starbuck didn't even wake up after I took a few pictures - he just started meowing (with his arms still straight up in the air!).

It was in this position that he meowed! A lot! Eyes shut!

A little stretch.

A big stretch!!!

And went back to sleep...

Until he realized I was looking at him...

And he didn't care, so went back to sleep! (This pic was with a flash - the others were natural light - his actual colour is a mix between the two pics - but very rich! Truly lovely!

13th July 06

There is no better title for this post! Just photos that I took today and I love them! Enjoy!

I love the colour of Starbuck's eyes! They are amazing! And his face is so wild - no photo captures it as it really is in reality! And his coat is so rich and clear it's amazing. Truly lovely!

It's so hard to find a nice picture of Torrey as he runs when I bring out the camera, so I was pleased with this one!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Cat Pyramid

The cat pyramid is a toy I bought for Sebastian when he was a kitten. When I came back to Hong Kong I had some extra space at the top of one of my boxes and decided to use it as a filler (Sebastian is way TOO big for it now!). Anyway, I have been meaning to throw it away but am SO glad I didn't now that I have 2 kittens who LOVE IT!!!!

Torrey and the Stroller

Torrey LOVES playing with the kitten stroller! He even sleeps under it. These aren't the best pics but Torrey does not like having his photo taken, so they are the best I could get!

Torrey is getting more playful!

That's an understatement! Torrey is now as active as Starbuck which is really strange! They both let me pick them up and walk around with them, and Starbuck has even jumped up on me - but they are still a little nervous around me, especially Torrey.

Starbuck out of breath from playing in the tunnel.

They love the tunnel!

And boxes!!!

You either see a head or a tail and nothing much else when they are playing in the tunnel!

Not the best picture of Torrey, but just an example of how much he loves his tunnel!

I was SO pleased when Sebastian and Torrey became even better friends today!