Wednesday, July 12, 2006

They're Here!!!!!!

I can't believe the wait is over and they are here! And there has been NO anti climax at all! They are as wonderful as I imagined - and MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, 10am I couldn't wait any longer and called Ami. They were home and the kittens were doing well! Starbuck was especially good - not nervous at all! Isabella and Torrey were a little more apprehensive but loosened up with time.

So, the day dragged on until I left school at 4:15pm as my mum picked me up and we headed out to Tung Chung and arrived at Ami and Sam's place with no problems. As soon as I walked in the door I saw Isabella run across the room and I couldn't believe my eyes! They were stunning! And so active! And so much smaller than I imagined which was perfect! I was so worried I had missed the small, cute, kitten stage but was pleased to find out I hadn't. Anyway, we then went out for a coffee and Torrey and Starbuck got their first roll in their stroller and were admired by EVERYONE! It was only a quick coffee before it was time to head home with lots of quiet, toys, chicken legs and boxes. There is so much more to tell, but here are the pictures so far! I'm learning (check out the link giving photo tips!).

So, here they are... my first pics of my boys at 12 weeks.


Investigating the stroller.

Nap time

Falling asleep in the water bowl!

Playing behind the door!

Having a drink of water.

In the play tunnel (which he later peed in!

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