Thursday, December 20, 2007

T13 (Edition 10) - Sebastian's Shower Part 2

Here are a few more "post shower" photos, which I thought would make a great photo T13. I will be posting more about the cat show soon!

Still all wet!

Drying off a little

Had enough drying off... time to go explore the dining room.

Hmm.... locked doors....

Ok, so, more drying...

And after drying, fish treat, drying and more drying, time to go under the craft table. This is usually not allowed as the folding tables can trap cats... but, as I was watching, I figured it was ok for a few minutes =)

Ordeal over... unless there is another attack
of the mysterious sticky substance!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Cat Expo and Siamese Cats!

Hong Kong had its 10th Cat Expo yesterday
and I almost missed it! This is the story!

My brother wrote the Christmas Pageant for his church this year, and they held it at the Convention and Exhibition centre (see pics below).

I haven't been feeling well for ages, and so I had decided not to go. However, by 3pm, I was feeling a little better and decided to try to make it. I was 30 minutes late, but figured better late than never!

I had no idea where it was being held in the C & E Centre, but had Hall 2 in the back of my mind, so headed up to Hall 2 (quite a hike up a gazillion huge escalators). When I got there, I couldn't believe my eyes! Hall 2 was the 10th Hong Kong Cat Expo! I had NO idea!

The worst part... I had to pull myself away to get to the pageant as I was already late. After a few phonecalls, I realized it was not Hall 2, but Theatre 2 and so began an even longer trek to Theatre 2 (10 minutes away through tunnels and yet another gazillion escalators - I know... good exercise!).

The Pageant was brilliant! It was so funny (with the angel Gabriel as a knock off of Baldrick from Black Adder: "I have a cunning plan!"). Anyway, the place was packed and I was lucky that my mum and dad were there and had saved me a seat.

The pageant finished and I almost ran back to the cat show - praying it hadn't finished already! It hadn't, and I was able to spend over an hour buying lots of things (I'll post them soon! Christmas gifts are no longer a problem!) and watching the shows. The cats were beautiful!

The highlight of my evening was the siamese kitten and the abyssinian cat. I had never seen either of these breeds in real life before, and was amazed when I saw them! The abyssinian had such a small, petit head - beautiful! And the siamese cat was so long and sleek, with a small, petit head! I enjoy reading everyone's cat blogs and am used to seeing Storm and Latte online, but to see a seal-point siamese in real life was amazing! I didn't expect them to be so small with such a small head! And the colouring is exquisite!

Now, I have a few questions, how big are seal-point siamese full grown? This guy yesterday was 5 months old so was still quite small. How much do they weigh? How long are they?

And does anyone have an abyssinian that I missed? They really have tiny, tiny heads - so petit.

I searched and searched to see if they had a sphynx cat like Dragonheart, but I couldn't find any
- the majority of the cats were exotics, persians or british shorthairs. I think there was only 1 siamese in the whole place! Later I found out there had been a sphynx cat (only 1) at the show - but only one. Ah well, maybe I'll see one next year!

It was so much fun! I love my bengals and maine coon and wouldn't trade them for the world, but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the other cat breeds out there! They really are beautiful and unusual and I will definitely consider one of the other breeds if I were to ever get another cat (although, I could never be without a maine coon and bengal).

Hope everyone else had a great weekend, too!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Toys!

Christmas is coming and so I'm starting
to think about what to get the boys.

So far I have come up with the two toys below.
Has anyone got these and can give me a review on them?

This one looks like it could get their
attention and keep them occupied!

And, yet another scratcher. Why not...
And this one looks like it could be fun, too!

Any other suggestions?
I would love to hear from everyone!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

T13: Sebastian's First Shower - Part 1

Sebastian got all sticky (I have no idea how!), and so I had to give him his first shower ever! It was an interesting experience, for both of us, so I decided to make it into a Photo Thursday Thirteen!

When he was actually in the tub, I didn't have any free hands (and no one else was home), so I couldn't get any shots. But I did manage some after he got out.

As you can see, I changed out of my work clothes and into a towel robe, knowing it would be wet work!

Overall, he was really good! He let me get the shower head and wet him up good! The shampoo didn't even bother him that much.

He just seemed really bothered whenever he had been sitting for too long. Then he started fussing!

He basically, with some force, stayed in the tub, but did growl and whine for a lot of the time!

He managed to escape a couple of times, only to be met with a door!

After his shower, he dried pretty quickly!

Ah! He sees something yummy and licks his lips!

Hmm.... a treat! Fish! All three boys are on a raw diet and so they get a treat of canned fish whenever they deserve it!

By this time, he had pretty much forgotten all about his shower!

After he had finished eating, he went to dry off a bit more!

I hope never to have to give him another shower again! (although I know that's not possible!). Thankfully, they are indoor cats and keep themselves super clean and so I don't have to hassle... except when an unknown sticky substance makes an appearance!~

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Reasons to Get a Cat

1. They are fun!
2. They are less trouble than a dog.
3. They are less expensive than children.
4. They don’t depend on you too much…
5. They teach you to love in a different way.
6. They make you less selfish – you have to think about their needs!
7. They’re warm in winter and leave you alone in summer.
8. They can’t talk your ear off!
9. They can be trained.
10. They are clean and don’t smell (as long as you use tofu litter!)
11. They are amazing to watch when doing acrobatics.
12. They don't need to be taken for walks - they know where to pee!
13. No home is complete without a cat!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Trying to Catch Torrey on Camera

You may think I love Starbuck more than my other two because there are a gazillion more pics of him on my blog, but that isn't true - he's just much easier to take pics of than the other two...
and here is PROOF!!!

Below are pics taken during a Torrey photoshoot. He's pretty skilled at not having his photo taken!

Almost in the frame!

A nice shot of his behind!
Almost in the frame... again!

Almost had him!

Not quite!

This was almost the perfect shot...
(well, almost all of him in it anyway!!)

Getting close!

He's trapped... gotta be quick!

Finally! One of all of him... shame it's not a great shot!

And so it goes!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I did it!

Even though the Catblogosphere was down, they still had their links up! Yay! So, I have now included all the blogging cats in a nifty expandable menu (thank you Daisy and Dragonheart!).

I hope I've included everyone! If it doesn't work on your computer, please let me know!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Blogroll... Links... Friends

Hi all!

I want to add a blogroll of friends (or a list of links??).

I was just wondering, does everyone with a huge long list of links actually do it manually, or is there a quicker way to do it like signing up for one?

I think it's a great idea to have a list of cat blogs on my blog and would like any input from people who know how to do it already! Why reinvent the wheel, right?

Thanks all!!

More of the Bottle

Here are a couple of pictures that I took during the bottle biting play time. I wasn't going to post them as the quality isn't great, but I didn't have the heart to delete them, so here they are!

Circling to get a better view of the bottle.

Bored, after the bottle.

Approaching the bottle...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (#7) - Cat Toys - PART 2

Here are thirteen toys that I've bought for my bengals and maine coon - without much luck. I've seen other cats play with them for hours, but mine either weren't interested, or they broke too quick! Enjoy!

Name: Sisal Mouse
Name says it all! Boys sniffed it and that was it...
Time to Destruction:
Will let you know if they ever play with it!
Enjoyment rating: 1/10

Name: Elevated Sisal scracher
Name says it all! Boys sometimes use it, but I
Time to Destruction:
Will let you know if they ever play with it!
Enjoyment rating: 4/10

Curvy Scratcher
Ours is purple and green and it looks great. The boys will hide in it, but haven't figured out to scratch it, yet! I keep trying!
Time to Destruction: Still looking good after a year!
Enjoyment rating: 4/10

Name: Feather Toy
Weighted bottom with lots of feathers. The boys LOVE this toy. Unfortunately, it is destroyed in a few hours and they aren't cheap enough to buy that regularly (especially as I bought mine from the US and had it shipped to Hong Kong!).
Time to Destruction:
4 hours
Enjoyment rating: 10/10

Name: Cat Glove
Glove that has longer fingers to entice cats! It works moderately ok for the first few minutes, then they lost interest and found something else to play with (the feather toy above, probably!).
Time to Destruction:
I've only used it a few times and stiching is already breaking. Then again, I think I got a cheaper knock off of the original so that's probably why!
Enjoyment rating: 3/10

Name: Sisal Feather Toy
Size of my hand toy made of sisal with feathers. Haven't seen the boys play with it yet, although they did pee on it one time I put it in their stroller when we went to the vets.
Time to Destruction:
Feathers lost pretty quick. Rest of it is still with us.
Enjoyment rating: 2/10

Name: Sisal Scraching Post
Name says it all! Oh, and there's a hanging, swinging ball at the top. Boys scratch now and again. Not that riveting.
Time to Destruction:
Still looks good!
Enjoyment rating: 3/10

Name: Catnip Mouse
I bought this lovely velvety mouse that you fill with catnip more because I thought it was cute and not so much cause I thought the boys would play with it. They did. But lost interest pretty quickly.
Time to Destruction:
Can't find it!
Enjoyment rating: 4/10

Name: Catnip Heart
Plastic heart you fill with catnip. Boys played with it for 2 minutes and that was it. Again, I bought it with the hope that my boys would suddently love catnip! They didn't. How did I end up with three cats that don't like catnip? Infact, I'll do a post on it sometime!
Time to Destruction:
Pretty sturdy, except it looks like the two halves may start coming apart easier after being refilled a few times.
Enjoyment rating: 2/10

Name: Remote Contol Motorized mouse toy
Mouse zooms around as cats chase it. Only prob, it runs out of battery super quick (1 min. approx.) and the recharger has stopped recharging it so it's pretty useless now.
Time to Destruction:
A few weeks before couldn't charge anymore.
Enjoyment rating: 7/10

Catnip ball - 100% edible
Time to Destruction:
My boys didn't even sniff it and I have totally lost it. Hmm... wonder if they ate it? Disappointing as I got it from a specialist store here and it cost almost $8 US!
Enjoyment rating: 0/10

Super Catnip Ball
Same as above except you fill it with catnip.
Time to Destruction:
Same as above. You would really think I had learnt my lesson to stay away from catnip products by now! I just keep trying with the hopes my boys will change!
Enjoyment rating: 0/10

Name: Motorized Mouse
Mouse that starts moving and flashing when touched.
Time to Destruction:
Got it from the US - it's still with us as the boys are scared of it!
Enjoyment rating: 1/10 (although a 10/10 from humans watching!)

Last week I did the top 13 toys and can't belive I forgot to include "Da Bird", which has to be the very bestest toy in the whole widest world! This is definitely the 100% best toy out there and all three of my cats LOVE it!

Name: Da Bird
Feathers (or other attachement) on a string on a stick.
Time to Destruction:
Have bought plenty of replacements as they have killed all the feathers numerous times and have even broken the string. But, replacements are VERY, VERY worth it!!!
Enjoyment rating: 2/10

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!