Saturday, July 15, 2006

Vacation Time!!!

Originally I was scheduled to have the kittens arrive on the 25th July '06, the day after I got back from my vacation to Phuket, Thailand. Anyway, Ami suggested that they come on the 10th instead and then she would keep them until I got back. So, I got them a full 2 weeks early! But the downside is that I have to leave my babies for 10 days just after they have arrived in Hong Kong. Although difficult for me, it'll be good for the kittens to be together (with their sister Isabella), and with Ami who is raising Isabella exactly the same as I am raising the boys (toilet training, food, attachment issues etc.).

So, I dropped them off tonight and will sign off for 10 days until I come back from Phuket and can pick up where we left off! Here are a few pics I like and thought I would leave it here until the 23rd July '06. Enjoy and I'll be back soon!

The boys helping me with my work!

Mean looking Torrey. He doesn't look a thing like this pic in real life!

Torrey chilling out!

Starbuck relaxing...

Torrey relaxing in the cat pyramid.

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