Sunday, September 10, 2006

Home Made Toys

The kittens seem to destroy all toys within a day and so I decided to make them one. I grabbed a cardboard box - cut some holes and flaps, added some ribbon and feathers and TA DA - a toy which they play with constantly. The hanging ribbons inside and on one corner and the feathers on the flaps are a real hit! I tried to get some good pictures but couldn't, so these are the best I could do while they were doing flying leaps onto it, into it and from it at lightening speed!

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Lavs said...

Hey there, the feline family is looking great. Sebastian is certainly larger than the Bengal boys, lots of fur helps also,... >;-)

I like your box toy, good idea. It is neat to see another family with a spotted and marbled pair of Bengal brothers. They are so fun. Thanks for posting the pictures.