Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Up High!

Last night I heard something and got up to find that I had left the hall door open. I ventured into the kitchen (which will be renovated soon... it's looking awful!), and found Starbuck on top of the cabinets looking down at me and Torrey. Yes, he was on top of the cabinets!!! Just to put this into context, I have 10 feet high ceilings and so he was looming over me! Very scary.

He was so high that had I stood on tippy toes I wouldn't have been able to even touch him with my index finger! At one point he looked like he was going to jump and I was freaked! Thankfully he didn't!

Well, I finally figured out how he got up there and so figured out a way down! First he made his way to the far end of the cabinets (although I had to do lots of encouraging!).

He then jumped off the cabinets and onto the fridge...

... all the time making a lot of noise!

He then jumped down from the fridge and onto the counter top at which point I picked him up and thanked my lucky stars he didn't jump off the top of the cabinets! I then took him back through to his room and ensured the hall door was closed tight! Torrey was an angel, as usual, and just watched and followed.

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Lavs said...

Aaaa, to funny. That sounds similar to T&U. Tanj is Mr. explorer/the athlete. He gets on the counter and leaps all over the place. I guess nothing is out of bounds with these spoted boys. Maybe the marbeled coat pattern is linked to calmness,... >;-)

Have fun.