Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (6) - Cat Toys My Boys Love - PART 1

Here are thirteen toys my bengal cats love. Sebastian, my maine coon, will also play with a few of them, but not as enthusiatically, or for as long, as Starbuck and Torrey.

Name: Fur Stick
A stick with a ball of rabbit like fur at the top. I use it to play with them and then they usually find where I have hidden it and destroy it by the time I get home!
Time to Destruction:
Approximately 48 hours before the fur ball is ripped from the stick.
Enjoyment rating: 8/10

Name: Play-n-Squeak Mouse
Mouse on the end of an elastic string which attaches to the top of your door.
Time to Destruction:
Whole thing is pulled off the door every 5 minutes. Mouse separates from elastic after about 72 hours of play. But well worth it to see my cats jumping like maniacs up the door! Very fun!
Enjoyment rating: 8/10

Name: Don't know! Possibly Cataction
Feathers attached to a weighted base that can be swatted. My boys generally grab the feathers and walk off with it growling.
Time to Destruction:
2 weeks before all feathers are separated from the base.
Enjoyment rating: 7/10

Name: Cat Scratcher
Extra large corregated cardboard cat scratcher
Time to Destruction: 1 month, then I flip it and it lasts about another month. I'm too lazy to throw it away (and they're expensive out here so I don't have the heart). So, when they're done, I flip them again, and again until I finally throw them in a cardboard box and let the cats really destroy them!
Enjoyment rating: 10/10

Krinkle Ball
2 inch ball made from sparkly, crinkly material. The boys love playing with them, but lose interest easily so I usually only bring them out a couple of times a month.
Time to Destruction:
They get lost, but never destroyed... yet! Great as they don't even die after being dunked in water!
Enjoyment rating: 6/10

Name: Cat Tunnel
Long cat tunnel wtih two holes in the body of the tunnel. Completely waterproof so peeing by accident or being dunked in water not a problem. Can be compressed into a small, flat disc. Great!
Time to Destruction:
They are pretty clawed, but still not destroyed! Yay! My boys love these tunnels and dive in them like there's no tomorrow! They play chase at the speed of light and scare me when I don't know they're in the tunnel and suddenly go crazy in the tunnel! Lot's of fun. Even though they are narrow (I have larger tunnels for dogs), even Sebastian prefers these tunnels!
Enjoyment rating: 9/10

Mouse Cat Scratcher
Description: Sisal cat mat scratcher - more cute than functional
Time to Destruction:
Not yet - amazingly!
Enjoyment rating: 5/10 (cat's prefer cardboard scratchers!)

Cat Dancer
Funky bits of paper on the end of a wire thing.
Time to Destruction:
Not yet! (and I bought spares thinking it wouldn't last!)
Enjoyment rating: 10/10 - cat's love it when I have the patience to get it out to play with it!

Name: Cat-It Spa
Spikes and edges where cats can rub up against. I fill it with cat nip and the boys like it!
Time to Destruction:
Needs to be cleaned every few weeks and restocked with cat nip - but other than that, it's still going strong. Whenever the boys pull it all, and I mean ALL apart, I just put it all back together again and voila! Ready to be used.
Enjoyment rating: 7/10

Cat Dancer
Colourful, fleece type material on a stick. Sebastian's all time favourite! This is almost the only toy he likes!
Time to Destruction:
1 year of continuous use. I didn't think I would every wear it out, but I did. Well, it got so knotted I had to buy another one (if I had taken better care of it, it would have lasted longer!)
Enjoyment rating: 10/10

Furry Mice
Large Furry mice (on the right of the pic below). The boys love them! Starbuck growls like crazy when I bring these out!
Time to Destruction:
No matter how ratty, dirty, chewed, soaked, and grouse these get, the boys still love them. Infact, the nastier the better!
Enjoyment rating: 10/10

Round Scratcher
Sisal covered tube with carpeted base and a mouse on a spring. Looks fun but the boys lost interest quite quickly.
Time to Destruction:
Still in good condition after a year. Even the mouse is still attached!
Enjoyment rating: 5/10

Name: Springs
Plastic springs about 2-3 inches long and an inch wide
Time to Destruction:
6 months before they are bent out of shape. These usually need to be replaced as I can't find where the boys hid them and not because they have been destroyed! They boys play with these for hours on end!
Enjoyment rating: 8/10

Name: Great Balls of Fur
Octopus looking toy with velvety arms, a bell in it's belly and a ball of coloured rabbit like fur at the top. This is Starbuck's all time favourite toy. I buy them in bulk (thankfully they're not too expensive!). They come in all sizes and he plays with them until they are dead - and then some.
Time to Destruction:
1 week to separate fur from octopus. Another day or two to lose bell. Fur ball and octopus part are then played with indefinely - usually until lost.
Enjoyment rating: 11/10

I hope you enjoyed having a peek into the boys' favourite toys!

Next week I'll include toys not so loved!

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Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

I have something like Cat Charmer but it called Rainbow Ribbon, I like that a lot. Krinkle balls are fun. I like furry mice, but i like little ones. And I like feather-butt mice until i get the feathers off.

Daisy said...

That's a great list, and holiday buying guide, too. Guess what? The Cat Dancer is one of my very most favoritest toys!

Annie Mosaic Cat said...

Oh man.
After my Tattle Tail Tuesday post of yesterday, I can't even read this without WEEPING.

Jimmy Joe said...

Whoa--those are awesome toys! I gotta bug Momma to get me one of those spas...
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Nicholas said...

Very interesting. I find our cats lose interest in just about every toy they have after a short while

Lori said...

great list if you are a cat:) Happy TT.

michico*Adan said...

This is a wonderful list~!!!
I sincerely hope you will get those on your Christmas, hehehehe~!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I've gone through a bunch of Cat Dancers. Unfortunately, one of my Devon Rexes eats his toys. Yes, I said EATS. I've had to have his stomach pumped!

One day, I'll have a normal cat again and I'll be able to have real cat toys. In the meantime, I'm thankful for the occasional mouse (especially because once they've been played with to death, I save them for a local barn owl's lunch! The gift that keeps on giving!)

happy TT

Lux said...

Those all look like great toys! That Fur Stick looks especially intriguing!

topcatrules said...

I give you 100% for that post. I loved it! It is my favorite post for this week. - You have three lucky cats!

Dragonheart said...

Those all look like wonderful toys! Wonderful guide - I like how you've rated them! I see the two of you are just as destructive with your toys as I am. :) I love my Cat Charmer. :) I have some other fleece wand toys that are similar and fun to play with, but for some reason, the Cat Charmer is more fun! I also like cardboard scratchers, although I like the sisal on my scratching posts.

Maggy & Zoey said...

LUCKY CATS... are you going to soon open a CATS 'R US store? Seems you have the inventory to do so. It is Thanksgiving here, and we send you some "turkey bits". And we are thankful to know you!

Mickey said...

WOW, those are great toys! I like anything with string :)Also the cardboard scratcher.
I bet you have lots of fun!!! That spa looks neat,I love to be brushed :)


Holly said...

I MISS having cats!

My cats used to love the toys you could hang from a doorframe. Sort of like the Cat Dancer. My last cat would play for HOURS with that.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Hot(M)BC said...

Happy Fanksgiving Yall :)
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi

China Cat said...

What a great list - I love finding out about new toys!

Purrrrs, China Cat

THE ZOO said...

Happy Fanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

My cats LOVE the Great Balls of Fur----I found it randomly at a grocery store-----where do you buy it in BULK.


Channon said...

Keep up the good work.