Thursday, August 31, 2006

How big is Sebastian?

I had friends over the other night, and one of them was taking pictures of Sebastian next to his arm! It turns out that friends at work wanted to know exactly how big he is as it seems quite impossible. Basically, Hong Kong cats are generally small to medium sized. They usually don't go above 10 pounds (unless fat!) and usually stay witin the 5-10 pound range. A cat that is over 15 pounds (and medium length coat which makes him seem even bigger) is something of a novelty! Especially as he is lean - nowhere near fat! So, after Stephan and the rest of my friends left, I took a couple of pictures. Here they are...

Although this picture makes Sebastian look the same length as Stephan's arm, he's not! Things in the foreground often appear larger than those in the background: especially true in this case =)

Another one, with Sebastian looking uninterested in his humans!

The next three pictures are probably a more accurate example of how big Sebastian is. The paper next to him is A4 (a little longer than letter).

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Cherry Tsang said...

Your cats are very cute.