Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nate's BIrthday

For Nate's birthday we all headed over to 'M' at the Fringe Club for a wonderful dinner followed by a drive out to Cyberport for a movie (Pirates of the Carribean 2). Great evening!

We were entertained by Dad's jokes, his spoon, knife and toothpick trick, and the gorgeous turkish coffee and turkish delight for dessert. Main courses were delicious - mine was the best *grin* (crackling pork with caramelized apples) and so I lost most of it before I began!


And more Dad

Dad and Rachel

Nate opening mum's gift

Nate and Jenny

Nate with Ami and his birthday pavlova of fresh fruit and mango and passionfruit coulis.

Nate checking out his toilet reading from me!

Serious Nate

Not-so-serious Nate

Part of the dark, dark staircase landing on the way up to the restaurant!

P.S. John Marriott and his wife came through Hong Kong on his way to the UK for their son's wedding and so we had some fun (they were here for 24 hours!!!). Lunch was Yum Cha and dinner was Cafe Deco at the Peak.

Mrs. Marriot even ate a chicken's foot at lunch - the whole thing and she was the one who asked me if she could try one! Now that's not something visitors do everyday!


Anonymous said...

Great to see all the photographs - wish I could have been there with you to celebrate with you, but i have to stay here to entertain your mother! Auntie Sue.

Miss you all and love you all soooo much. God bless, Mom XXXOOOXXX

Starbuck and Torrey said...

Well, there's always next year! Or anytime for that matter - then you would get to see the cats!!! (and us of course!!). I hope you and my mum are having a blast. Love you lots and see you soon!