Monday, September 24, 2007

Chim Chim - Part 1

Before getting my wonderful bengal kittens, I had decided to get a dog instead as a companion for Sebastian. I did my research and finally decided on a long haired chihuahua (spelling?). You may think strange choice, but for an apartment in Hong Kong - perfect! And they get along well with other animals and, if trained properly, do not make lots of noice. I didn't actually know if any of this was true, but, for Chinese New Year, I got a tiny, black and white chihuahua named 'Sooty'. He was beautiful! A ball of fuzz! And he didn't make a noise! Yay! I had searched all of Hong Kong for him and he was perfect!

(Doesn't he look just like a toy! He loved being on his back!)

Little did I know, that I am NOT, in any way, a dog person. Growing up in Hong Kong I had pets, but all small enough to fit into a cage or a tank i.e. hamsters, fish, turtles and rabbits. Even getting Sebastian had been an experiment to see whether or not I was cut out for having pets (and I never, in a million years, expected to keep Sebastian and bring him all the way from the UK to Hong Kong!).

Anyway, I'm rambling. I got Sooty home and set up his area in my toilet until a vet could check him over - especially as I had bought him from a pet store (TERRIBLE!!! I will never do this again! Only, Hong Kong's pet industry is pet store oriented and not breeder oriented and I didn't know better!). To cut a long story short, I thought he was beautiful and perfect and lovely, but I just knew I couldn't live with him. I thought life had come to an end!

Thankfully, it was one of my student's birthdays coming up and a puppy was a perfect gift! So, my student is now Sooty a.k.a. Chim Chim's mum and he is doing great! He is still tiny and over a year old! And he is still as beautiful and as perfect as when he was a puppy!
Ok..... To be continued in another post!

Sebastian on the right. Chim Chim on the left. Hmm... aren't the dogs supposed to be bigger than the cats in this world?

Fast asleep in his bed.


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

He is a cute puppy but we could never live with a doggy. Well, Chase LOVES doggies (big ones) but we think he's crazy for that.


The Crew said...

All my friends know I don't like dogs, but that's just my personal opinion. Mom loves them...I don't know why! Anyway, we hope Chim Chim will like his new home.


Anonymous said...

Chim-Chim is just too cute! It is too bad he could not live with you. We have never had a dog because our mom and dad are cat people all the way! We are glad that Chim-Chim found a good home.

Daisy said...

Little Sooty was very cute, but I think you made the right choice to stick with cats! And I am glad Sooty/Chim Chim got a great new home.

The Furry Fighter said...

that is a cute pup! good size too d=for us cats to deal with!
my mum's godmum had a chihuahua - it was a vicious little bugger and used to launch an attack at the slightest excuse!

Anonymous said...

Oh! i love Chim Chim, Chim chim is so cute and gorgeous