Tuesday, August 14, 2007


So, I decided to keep going from where I left off, month by month (I hope I can get through it!). So, here are pics of the boys in November 2006. I'm so pleased I saved all their photos by date so I can easily upload them without missing a month! Enjoy!

I guess I have cheap cats, because no matter how expensive the toys are that I buy, they always go back to the boxes! It's getting to the point where I anticipate my groceries arriving because then I get to give the boys a new box to play with (we order groceries online here and they get delievered in boxes of all shapes and sizes!).

Hmm... Starbuck starts to get a little bored...

And then there was one! (Starbuck is always the first to lose interest and move on to more interesting endeavors!).

This time Starbuck jumps up onto the coffee table...

Hints anyone how to stop bengals jumping up onto furniture?
Mine seem to love anything high - including doors! I have been given the fright of my
life so many times when opening a door and having a cat complain
because they are on top of the door!

Hmm... looking at that box which is getting his attention again!

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Tanj&Uschi said...

Yeah!!! pictures of S&T. They look great,... I'm so jealous that you can get your groceries delivered,... aaaa big city life,... Boxes are the best! Anything that the purchased toy came in is much more interesting than the toy itself.

Glad you are back.