Thursday, August 16, 2007

Should I Change His Name???

Here is a weird post. Should I change Torrey's name?

Basically, I chose Sebastian and Starbuck's names - weird and as uncatlike as they may be. But Torrey was the name on his pedigree papers given to him by my wonderful breeder. I guess I never changed it because I wasn't expecting to get two bengals and so never gave it enough thought - when he arrived we all called him Torrey and never got around to changing it.

He is now over a year old and I figure if I'm going to do it, I should do it now. Any thoughts anyone?

(Starbuck on the left and Torrey on the right)

While you're thinking, here are the reasons I called the other two what I did!

Sebastian: I had thought and thought about what to name him and simply couldn't decide. I don't even remember what the choices were! Anyway, I went to pic him up and didn't even think about naming him - I just couldn't get over how this "kitten" was so BIG! Maine Coons are big! You never really get a kitten stage with them - they come out big!

Anyway, I walked into my home (I was living in Swansea, Wales at the time on a one year sabbatical from my job in Hong Kong) and put the carrier down and said something to him about being home and instinctively called him "Sebastian". I couldn't believe the words had come out of my mouth! It wasn't even a name I had considered (read online and you'll find out you are 'advised' to use something one syllable, not beginning in an 'S' sound!!!). Anyway, that was it. He was Sebastian - and he learnt his name very quickly, although I do tend to call him Sib for short.

Starbuck's name was given lots and lots of thought (as you can see, I get again ignored solid Internet advice and named him a 2 syllable name with an 'S' sound!). In the end it was Starbuck off Battleship Gallactica and my love for Starbuck's, combined with my love for Moby Dick that did it - although the coffee had a lot to do with it sad to say!

They all know their names, although "Sib Sib" is now almost a generic term for "Food's Coming"!!!

Anyway, any thoughts? Should I change Torrey's name? If I did, any suggestions?


Victor Tabbycat said...

Hi! I's Victor. That was my name frum the shelter and Mom felt it fitted. Why change Torrey's name? If he's used to it an there's nothin wrong wif it, keep it!
My sisfur is Bonnie so Mom wanted to call a boy kitty Clyde, fur Bonnie an Clyde, but I's Victor, not Clyde. I don't know who Clyde is, but he didn't dopt mine Mom, I did.

Starbuck and Torrey said...

I love that! Bonnie and Clyde! But Victor is good, too!

I'm really leaning to keeping Torrey, but I need to be sure! It's not really a name I would usually choose!

Ah well... I'll keep you posted what I'll do!

Thanks for stopping by, Victor!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dodie, Depending on how old the cat is or whether or not he knows his name would be the factors I would look at. My Ragdoll cat is called Harley, but we call him Monkey, he answers to both names. Zulu the Bengal is called Boolie by my nephew and will come if other people call him Boolie as well. It is your decision. If I ever got other Bengals, names I like are India, Xhosa, Duma and Kenya. A lady named Sherry on our site has a Bengal named Khyber. this is also a cool name. Good luck and let us know what you decide. Jenn

Cheryl said...

Hi Dodie. First of all I just want to tell you that ALL three of your cats are GORGEOUS!!! Simply beautiful.

I'm curious why you even want to change Torrey's name? What's wrong with his name? I like it as well as the other two cats names. If it was me, I would keep the name. My little bengals name is Selene. She was 2 1/2 yrs. old when I got her. I would have never selected that name but it sure fits her. However, I did give her a middle name and it's Rosebud. Selene Rosebud Bodenmiller. I think it sounds beautiful.

Once again, your cats are just beautiful.

Let us know what you decide to do.


Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

We like the name Torrey, for whatever that might matter. If you're looking for suggestions, we suggest you just leave well enough alone.

If you really aren't happy with 'Torrey', try using some nicknames on him. He might prefer something else, too.