Friday, August 24, 2007

Some more November pics

Here are some more pics taken in November when the boys were 8 months old. They are already so big they don't look like kittens anymore!

This is one of the boys' favourite places - behind the hall door! My living room, dining room, kitchen etc. is closed off from the bedrooms, toilets, scrapbook room etc. by a hall door, which conveniently helps me keep the boys in one area while I have company and at night. They don't like it much and make their disatisfaction known vocally!

I think pic is fun, even if not in focus and not centered!
The boys look like they're hunting in a pack - in unison! Ha ha...

Playing with a box, as usual! Their favourite toy!

My beautiful Starbuck!

Just walking out of the cat room to find something more fun to do!

Look at that tongue! Starbuck in one of my cat tunnels!

Hmm... the camera string! Looks fun... let's play!


The Crew said...

What gorgeous markings you guys have!

We don't like closed doors at all so we cry and throw ourselves against the door until Mom lets us in. Yessss! Score 1 for us!

The Furry Fighter said...

how big are you now?!?! you look big in those pictures already. i like the look of your cat toys as well. x

Jimmy Joe said...

Wow! They make your apartment look like a jungle!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Starbuck and Torrey said...

They've know the 'Holy Hall Door' since they were kittens so they don't make too much fuss about it (fingers crossed they won't when I move, either!).

Ah, and they keep growing! Although not as big as Sebastian! Thank goodness!

Yes, my apartment is dedicated to them! And it does feel like a jungle at times! Toys everywhere (not much choice in Hong Kong, so it's Internet shopping mostly to get them!)

I'll put up some recent ones soon!