Wednesday, August 15, 2007

T.V. Fun

I like to keep the TV tucked away and so I bought a TV unit from IKEA. The kittens immediately loved it and scared me the way they squeezed around the TV - several times I thought they were stuck. So cute! It's August 2007 now and they have almost permanently lost interest in the TV, although now and then they still check it out.

The following photos were taken in November 2006.

First playing under the TV in the small spaces!

But soon they figure out it's more fun to play up with the TV!!

As usual, Starbuck explores further!
On top of the TV where the space is so small I thought he'd get stuck!!

STEALTH CAT!!! IN HIDING!!!! I'm not sure what he's stalking!

Do I look cool or what????

And then they discovered the back of the TV! At this point I got really worried
ignored my worry to keep taking pictures!).

I couldn't help laughing when Torrey managed to get behind the TV unit by going backwards,
upside-down! He found the small hole at the back and ended up behind the TV!

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Honey P. Sunshine said...

oh, u 2 are so furry cute!